Making Monsters – US Trailer

Coming to On-Demand & Digital March 26

Christian Brand has a successful YouTube channel with over 10 million subscribers. His wife, Alison, is the unwilling star of their prank videos. The stars run into an old friend (Jesse) who invites them up to his place for a weekend. When they arrive, they discover Jesse is not there but his partner David is. The YouTube stars have a quiet dinner with David that turns into a night of partying and strange occurrences. The couple awakens to find that their phones are gone and their host is nowhere to be found. When Alison gets dragged into the basement by a ghost, Christian goes after her and finds a computer with video footage of them and past guests. The videos have been posted to the dark web where visitors pay to watch people being tortured. The masked culprit appears and stabs Christian while Alison escapes. The masked culprit is revealed to be David. As he starts broadcasting his final episode, Alison strangles him.